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Tag - Double Super 8

We Love Double Super 8, (DS8)

Double Super 8, DS8, General 8mm musings

DS8 (double super 8) – what an ace format So why was it not more popular? Would Kodak ever consider re-slitting this funky super 8 (S8) format with their new Vision 3 emulsions? Surely that wouldn’t be too much trouble……

Where can I buy 8mm film?

General 8mm musings, Kodak Vision 500T, Kodak Vision Film, Super 8 scan, Super 8 scanning, Super 8 transfer service

We’ve read on a few blog posts recently (and have been suitably horrified) that many people think 8mm film is a dead format and that Kodak no longer make films. All lies! Kodak make some fantastic super 8…

HD scanning of 8mm Kodachrome – AKA ‘Holy Silver Halide Batman!’

High definition 8mm film transfer service

For the past fortnight I have been cleaning and scanning just over three thousand feet of Standard 8 (Double 8), that were shot over a period of a decade between 1965 and 1976. All these home movies were…

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