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Category - Super 8 scan

Is 8mm Film Dead? AKA: When The President’s Brain Goes Missing, Ask Zapruder

General 8mm musings, Super 8 scan

The 8mm Film Paradox As the film and television rides the Red Epic and Alexa shaped waves of the digital revolution, I often find myself asking – why shoot on 8mm film? The advantages that 16mm and 35mm…


8mm film 4K scans, General 8mm musings, High definition 8mm film transfer service, Super 8 scan, Super 8 scanning, Super 8 transfer service

WHO ARE THESE ON8MIL PEOPLE? On8mil is a brand new 8mm film-making resource created by Egglab Media Ltd, based in Kentish Town, London, UK. Our ultimate  aim is to keep alive the use of the smaller film formats for enthusiasts and serious…