On8mil is a brand new 8mm film-making resource created by Egglab Media Ltd, based in Kentish Town, London, UK. Our ultimate  aim is to keep alive the use of the smaller film formats for enthusiasts and serious film-makers alike. We’re passionate about super 8, double 8, single 8, double super 8…. the lot! Our vast array of camera types and makes takes pride of place in their purpose built shelves here in our office. Not only are we passionate about film, we’re also passionate about the technology that makes the film, carrying out serious restoration of the hard-to-find hardware.

Our 8mm telecine service was been born out of this love of 8mm film making and continued frustration over the prohibitive prices for film transfers and the number of wholly inadequate telecine solutions made available for serious 8mm film makers. So, we put our heads together and commissioned a purpose built telecine unit. With the invaluable help of MMT Telecine, a custom built machine was developed that boasts a 2k CCD still camera, with a precision lens, capturing true frame by frame copies of your films in full uncompressed 1920 x 1080 HD.


Yes indeed, our machine captures each and every frame of your film as a separate image, creating uncompressed image sequences. From here a sequence is loaded into our editing software for colour correction, exposure compensation (where required), and a whole array of other post production tools and tricks, available upon request. We then output to a video format of your choice (or you can have it as an image sequence, if that suits best). For serious filmmakers we’ll supply the footage compressed (for speed of editing) and uncompressed for the final rendering of your film, once your edit is complete.

For all of our customers we’ll ask what the purpose of their transfer is and recommend the most appropriate format. Many folks will want simply a DVD or Blu-Ray disc, to preserve their precious 8mm memories, which they can watch from time to time on TV. On the other hand, social networking is a significant part of many peoples lives these days – and in this instance a digital file that you can play directly on your PC or Mac is best. We understand fully the best compression codecs for YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook and the ever-growing world of social media and will supply flawless and manageable files for you to upload and share. We can even supply a sound-track for your film. We have access to a massive library of royalty free music, which can be purchased at very reasonable rates and which will have no licence expiration. Or you could commission original music for your film. Being an associate of a  long established media agency (Egglab Media Ltd), on8mil.com has an in-house recording studio, plus access to some great musicians who would be more than happy to write original music in any style.


Well, for one thing, we genuinely care about the product. From bitter experience we know how disappointing it is to be supplied a far from than decent film transfer, and to then be charged an arm and a leg for it. Secondly, we’re part of a long established London based creative agency – Egglab Media Ltd, whose bread and butter is film making, animation, photography and graphic design. So we know a little bit about editing, colourising, exposure compensation, film restoration, grain removal etc. In short we’re experts at getting the best from your footage. For us this isn’t just a hobby, but our livings, so we take very seriously our quality control and delivery of as perfect an item as possible. Thirdly, we are a CAN DO company. We’re not keen on saying ‘no’ and don’t like unhappy customers, so if you have any bespoke film transfer and editing requirements – we’ll be more than happy to talk, look at the options and help. Oh and finally, our prices are ridiculously good!