HD Video Tape Capture

Standard definition analogue and digital video tape recordings captured and up-sampled to HD data files with the option for de-interlacing, noise reduction and enhancing. PAL, SECAM and NTSC standards converted in the following tape formats


• Betacam SP (PAL only)

• Digi Beta (PAL only)

• Betamax (PAL only)

• Video 8, Hi8 and Digital 8 (PAL and NTSC)

• U-matic. High band (PAL only). Low band (PAL, SECAM and NTSC)

• Mini DV (PAL and NTSC)

• Special introductory cost of £30 + VAT per tape

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United Kingdom.

£30.00 Excl VAT

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    Upsampled video files at 1080p are too large to send of MyAirBridge. You're welcome to provide a hard disc of your own, (allow approx 70GB per hour of footage) or you can purchase one from us. Please select an option below:

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‘Morton Valence: Porque Te Vas’. Homage to late 70’s music videos, (shot on S-VHS).
Music video filmed in standard definition on S-VHS. Filmed by Edmund Ward for On8mil / Analogue Image Ltd

Film purchase options

Film only, Film + Process + 1.5K One Light Scan, Film + Process + 2.6K One Light Scan, Film + Process + 2.6K Best Light Scan, Film + Process + 2.6K Best Light Scan & Restoration, Film + Process + 4K Best Light Scan, Film + Process + 4K Best Light Scan & Restoration