Video Tape Capture

Video Tape Capture to Digital File. Standard Definition to Full HD

Standard definition analogue and digital video tapes captured using broadcast quality equipment with optional upsampling to full HD. Noise reduction and enhancement on poor / degraded recordings at no extra cost. Multiple formats and standards including:

  • • VHS, S-VHS and VHSC (PAL, SECAM and NTSC)
  • • Betacam SP (PAL only)
  • • Digi Beta (PAL only)
  • • Betamax (PAL only)
  • • Video 8, Hi8 and Digital 8 (PAL and NTSC)
  • • U-matic – high band (PAL only)
  • • U-matic – low band (PAL, SECAM and NTSC)
  • • DVCAM (PAL only)
  • • Mini DV (PAL and NTSC)

  • • £15 + VAT per tape for a standard definition (native resolution) transfer
  • • £30 + VAT per tape for a full high resolution upscale transfer, using broadcast quality equipment for the best possible results
  • • All tapes captured to Apple Pro Res .mov (unless otherwise requested). Please use additional notes on checkout if other codecs are required

Use the options below to select your format, number of tapes and output resolution. Then add to basket

Send your tapes, securely packed & tracked to:
Analogue Image T/A On8mil,  
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United Kingdom.

£15.00 Excl VAT

  • Select your video format below

    *How many tapes do you need transfering?

    Use the quantity selector below to input your number of tapes. You can add a maximum of 40 tapes at a time. If your archive exceeds this, or you have tapes in more than one format, simply place multiple orders.

    What resolution would you like your tape(s) captured to?

    We can capture your tape(s) at their native resolution, or you can choose to have them up-scaled to full HD, 1920 x 1080 px (interlaced or progressive). Our up-scale HD transfer uses broadcast  hardware to resample, smooth and sharpen the standard definition picture. The SD to HD transfer removes blocky edges (typically seen in SD to HD upscaling), suppresses video noise and reduces flicker, resulting in a very high quality HD upscale. Broadcast quality time base correction is used to ensure a rocky steady smear-free transfer

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    • 100 £additional cost

    Do you want interlaced or progressive output?

    Please select below if you'd like the output interlaced or progressive output. If you're not sure what this means, just choose progressive as most editing workflows these days are progressive. Or select both for interlaced and progressive output - note this will double-up your data.

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    • 45 £

    Shall we provide a storage device?

    Upsampled Pro Res video files at 1920 x 1080 resolution can be pretty challenging to download! You're welcome to provide a hard disc of your own, (allow approx 70GB per hour of footage) or you can purchase one from us. Please select an option below:

    • 0 £Excl VAT
    • 120 £Excl VAT

    Would you like to feature on our Instagram?

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‘Morton Valence: Porque Te Vas’. Homage to late 70’s music videos, (shot on S-VHS).
Music video filmed in standard definition on S-VHS. Filmed by Edmund Ward for On8mil / Analogue Image Ltd

Film purchase options

Film only, Film + Process + 1.5K One Light Scan, Film + Process + 2.6K One Light Scan, Film + Process + 2.6K Best Light Scan, Film + Process + 2.6K Best Light Scan & Restoration, Film + Process + 4K Best Light Scan, Film + Process + 4K Best Light Scan & Restoration