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Delivery Related Questions

How will I receive my film scan?

• We generally send film scans over on MyAirBridge.com (which works in exactly the same way as WeTransfer), unless it is a large amount of films (i.e. 20+ reels), a large archive or you want uncompressed data. In which case we will need you to send a hard drive.
• You will receive an email from MyAirBridge.com with a link to download your scan files(s). Each 2.6K scan (pro res file), will be approximately 10GB.
• Check first that your connection is fast enough and has enough bandwidth to download your files.
• Also check that there is enough data allowance i.e. if you have a connection with a download limit (or cap).

Can you create a DVD of my cine films?

• Unfortunately we no longer offer this service, as DVD authoring is now deprecated in modern computer operating systems and support for DVD authoring software is dwindling
• DVD is a standard definition (SD) format. So what you gain in having your valuable movie film scanned in full HD, you immediately lose when transferring to DVD
• Instead we can provide your files in MP4 format (for ease of playback across numerous operating systems and smart TVs). As well as sending you a download of your film scan, we can also provide your files on a USB stick or portable hard USB hard drive, as an add-on to your existing order

Why won’t my file(s) download?

Check your connection and if you have adequate space on your computer to download. If both of these are fine, make some tea and try again in 20 minutes. It should work. If you’re still having problems, call us up or drop us an email and we will re-upload your footage.

Can I send you a hard drive or storage device?

Yes by all means. But please ensure it is cleaned of personal data and preferably new or reformatted to avoid any risk of viruses getting onto our system. For full details on storage device requirements please see our terms and conditions (section 3-j).

How should I format the storage media that I’m sending to you?

Please format your drive ‘Ex Fat’, as this will work on both Apple Macs and PCs and is able to handle the large files sizes generated by movie film scanning.

How long does it take for new film orders to be delivered?

• All films ordered in the UK before 14:30 hrs will be sent via UK Special Delivery. This is guaranteed next working day.
• International orders vary, dependant on where you are based, but we aim to get orders within Europe out within 3 – 4 working days.

Do you return my films reels to me after scanning?

• Yes – provided you’ve opted to pay for return off your reels when purchasing our services – they will be returned within 5 – 10 working days after you’ve received your scan.
• We hold-on to the physical reels for 5 – 10 working days, after delivery of your scan, in case you require a rescan. If you need them sooner then this then please let us know.
• There is also the option to come and collect the reels in person from our premises. This can be selected when purchasing our services through our online shop.

How quickly will I receive my films back after I’ve received my scan?

• We tend to hold on to films after scanning for 5 – 10 working days, in case you require a re-scan.
• If you require them sooner, please let us know.