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I want to shoot some 8mm – where do I begin?

  • Providing you have already have access to a camera, just visit our shop and place an order for some film
  • You can add on processing plus scanning service of your choice from there
  • We will send out the film to you (next working day in the UK if the order is place before 2.30pm)
  • Shoot your film and return to the address on our contact page (and as seen on your voucher sent with the film)
  • We will process and scan the film and send the file over to you on MyAirbridge.com

What is your mailing address, phone and general email?

Our office address and drop of for films is:
Analogue Image Ltd T/A On8mil
Unit 10, 1 Kingfisher Place,
Clarendon Road,
London N22 6XF,
United Kingdom.
Tel: +44(0)330 122 7326

What are On8mil’s opening times?

  • Our opening hours are Monday – Friday 09:30 – 17:00, Saturday 10:00 – 17:00
  • Please note we are unable to take payments in-house

How do I place an order?

  • Orders are placed via our online shop
  • Using the drop down menus at the tope of the page or categories listed on the main shop page, select the product or service you are after
  • Our shop is designed in such a way that you can build your order in line with your requirements. Some terms may seem bewildering, but if you’re having any trouble simply quick on the question mark icons next to each product add-on
  • Still confused? Call us up on +44(0)330 122 7326

Do you ship internationally?

  • Yes we ship all over the world, but you will be liable for any customs charges on products being sent form the UK and for films you are sending in to us for processing and scanning
  • International orders can be placed via our online shop
  • Multiple shipping options are available

How do I get my films back after scanning/processing?

There are three ways to get your films back after processing:

  • Have them posted back
  • Or, if you’d rather not have the physical films back, you can choose for us to dispose of them

The above options are offered when you place an order with us through our online ordering system. Collecting in person can be arranged upon request, but a shipping charge will be taken as a deposit. Any films uncollected after 30 days will be sent to the delivery address within the order.

Can I drop my film off rather than post it in?

  • Yes by all means, drop offs are welcome within our opening hours
  • For drop offs outside of opening hours, we have a secure postbox outside available 24/7

What forms of payment do you accept?

  • All orders are made through our website with payment accepted via card, Paypal or Klarna

What is your returns / refund policy?

  • We cannot refund films once despatched to a customer, as we cannot guarantee what may have happened to them whilst in your possession
  • We may refund some services on a case by case basis
  • For more details on our liabilities to our customers, please see our terms and conditions for full details

How do I get my films to you?

Please post your films, with tracking and appropriate insurance to:

Analogue Image Ltd T/A On8mil
Unit 10, 1 Kingfisher Place,
Clarendon Road,
London N22 6XF,
United Kingdom.
Tel: +44(0)330 122 7326