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Buy. Process. Scan. Super 8, Standard 8 & DS8 film, London UK

8mm Film Making, Made Easy

Welcome to our one-stop 8mm film shop. Here you can buy new super 8, standard 8 and DS8 film, all including optional processing and HD scanning. All films are fresh from the factory and cold stored.

Please also use the shop for your 8mm processing and scanning orders. Rush processing and scanning is available at additional cost:

  • Express processing and scanning are available (5 – 9 working days turnaround dependant on the day of the week we receive your film) for a set-up cost of £45 + VAT for your first film and £15 + VAT for each subsequent reel. Note these surcharges are additional to the advertised processing & scanning costs. Please see the example below:
    • 1 x express reel surcharge = £45 + VAT (plus our standard processing / scanning costs)
    • 2 x express reels surcharge = £60 + VAT (plus our standard processing / scanning costs)
    • 3 x express reel surcharge = £75 + VAT (plus our standard processing / scanning costs)

Note, during busy periods, our rush service times may be extended. Please email /call to ask about current turn-around times.

Film processing takes place on a once-weekly basis. Films are dispatched to the lab on Friday mornings and processed Wednesday / Thursday of the following week. All new 8mm film stocks are machine processed, yielding superbly consistent results. Vintage film processing is possible but requires specialist hand processing.