Here’s an 8mm music video we’ve just completed.

Black Angel Drifter are Rob “Hacker” Jessett and Anne Gilpin of Morton Valence fame. Black Angel Drifter is their one-off Morton Valence off-shoot project receiving some amazing reviews from the likes of the Sunday Times (no less).

Shot on predominantly Super 8 and DS8 with quick cuts to digital footage shot on the Canon EOS 5D Mark III. Film stocks used are Kahl  NC 17 (the colour super 8 footage), Adox Pan-X Reverso super 8 and Kahl UP 24 DS8. Cameras used: Leicina Special, Canon DS-8 & Bolex H8 (DS8 conversion).

Shot in June 2016. Filmed, edited and directed by Edmund Ward for On8mil Productions.