It’s been a while since we did one of these blog things owing to a period of incredible busyness and invention. But the time is right to bring you all up to date.

The On8mil Lab

Over the past two years, we’ve been building our small ECN2 (colour negative) and D96 – D97 (black and white) film lab. The good news – the installation of the lab is NOW COMPLETE!

We’re extremely grateful to Chris Lane and Andrey Kirik of Cinetech UK for their expertise, patience (we’ve never run a motion picture film lab before) and good humour as they’ve frequently observed a hapless Ed attempting to 3D print his way out of numerous problems. Note: 3D printing and epoxy resin are not solutions to all of the world’s woes.

It’s been a long and, at times, arduous journey. Still, we’re thrilled to announce that we are now in the training and R&D stages of the lab build, working out best-practice, obtaining consistency of results and determining how regularly we should run the machines. The nature of the apparatus is such that they need running very regularly. So this will mean (very soon) we’ll be able to turn around your film processing and scanning much quicker than we’re currently able to, without relying upon third-party labs and numerous delivery services.

When we’ve ironed out the R&D and workflow questions, we promise to let you know!