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Tag - Super 8

Kodaks ‘Analogue Renaissance’. How Long Must We Wait?

General 8mm musings, Kodak Vision Film, New Kodak Super 8 Camera

Vinyl records have had a pretty strong comeback in the last decade. But will the same thing happen to celluloid film? Quentin Tarantino certainly sparked interest at the beginning of last year with his resurrection of Ultra Panavision…

We Love Double Super 8, (DS8)

Double Super 8, DS8, General 8mm musings

DS8 (double super 8) – what an ace format So why was it not more popular? Would Kodak ever consider re-slitting this funky super 8 (S8) format with their new Vision 3 emulsions? Surely that wouldn’t be too much trouble……

8mm, 9.5mm and 16mm in 4K. AKA very HD.

8mm film 4K scans, General 8mm musings, High definition 8mm film transfer service

Hello everyone! It’s been a while some we blogged owing to very large workload in the last few months. Sorry. But….. some super news. On8mil / Analogue Image Ltd have finally developed a 4K machine that scans in…

HD 8mm scan for a music promo with stop frame animation

High definition 8mm film transfer service

Satin Jackets, feat Esser: ‘Shine on You’. Directed by Chris Ullens.   Hi all! We’re thrilled to have supplied the scanning for this beautifully put together music video for Satin Jackets. We’ve decided the creator Chris Ullens may…

Where can I buy 8mm film?

General 8mm musings, Kodak Vision 500T, Kodak Vision Film, Super 8 scan, Super 8 scanning, Super 8 transfer service

We’ve read on a few blog posts recently (and have been suitably horrified) that many people think 8mm film is a dead format and that Kodak no longer make films. All lies! Kodak make some fantastic super 8…

HD scanning of 8mm Kodachrome – AKA ‘Holy Silver Halide Batman!’

High definition 8mm film transfer service

For the past fortnight I have been cleaning and scanning just over three thousand feet of Standard 8 (Double 8), that were shot over a period of a decade between 1965 and 1976. All these home movies were…

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