DS8 50D (Double Super 8) 100 ft

  • 100 foot of DS8 yields 200 foot of super 8 film (equivalent to 4 x Super 8 films).
  • Made with KODAK VISION3 50D 7203 Motion Picture Film.
  • Daylight-balanced colour negative movie film.
  • Extremely fine grain, excellent resolution.
  • Excellent in daylight and sunlit conditions.
  • Film speed of 50 ASA.
  • Works in all DS8 cameras – would need to be split into 25 foot loads to work in Quarz DS8 models.
  • With processing/scanning included in the purchase price our shipping cost includes both shipment of unexposed films plus delivery of the processed reels back to you.
  • Standard processing /scanning turnaround time 10 – 15 working days.
  • Faster processing and scanning available, please see the order information below.

£60.00 Excl VAT

17 in stock (can be backordered)

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