Kodak Tri X B&W 16mm 100 ft

  • All Kodak 16mm film stocks are brand new, cold stored and spooled-down to daylight spools by On8mil, in complete darkness with great care.
  • Black and white reversal stock, can be projected or digitised.
  • We currently offer black & white D96 negative processing as standard, carried out in-house. This means it will not be suitable for running through a mechanical projector. Reversal process is also available, please see below for details.
  • High contrast monochrome film – very dense black and bright whites.
  • Rated at 200 in tungsten and 250 in daylight.
  • Scratch-resistance backing and a process-surviving top layer.
  • Good camera transport.
  • Reduced noise in the camera.
  • Improved raw stock keeping.
  • Decreased risk of ferrotyping.
  • Designed for general production use outdoors and in the studio, in dim light, and anywhere you need.
  • Great depth of field without the need for increased illumination.

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    Standard turnaround is approximately 10 working days. A RUSH 4-7 working days is available at an additional cost. Working days do not include weekends or other holiday closure dates.

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