Kodak TRI-X Super 8

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  • Grey acetate safety base with an additional anti-halation undercoat.
  • Black-and-white reversal film.
  • EI 160T, 200D reversal panchromatic film.
  • Suitable for general interior photography with artificial light but can also be used in daylight.
  • Excellent tonal gradation and sharpness.
  • With processing/scanning included in the purchase price our shipping cost includes both shipment of unexposed films plus delivery of the processed reels back to you.
  • We currently offer black & white D96 negative processing as standard, carried out in-house. This means it will not be suitable for running through a mechanical projector. Reversal process is also available, please see below for details.

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    What process would you like?

    Negative processing of Black & White film means you will be unable to project your film. It does not affect digital files as these will be inverted to a positive image during scan. Cross processed Tri-X looks more contrasty and grainier than if it has been processed reversal. If you intend to project your film, please order a Black & White Reversal D97 process (30 working day turnaround time).

    How quickly would you like your processing / scanning carried out?

    Standard turnaround is approximately 10 working days. A RUSH 4-7 working days is available at an additional cost. Working days do not include weekends or other holiday closure dates.

    What kind of scan grading do you require?

    Frame Rate

    Scan Type

A medium speed black and white reversal film, suitable for scanning and projection. Deep blacks and greys and a fine grain structure. Kodak’s highest speed (EI 160T, 200D) reversal panchromatic film for photography in difficult, low-level lighting conditions both outdoors and in the studio. Here’s a sample scan:

Film purchase options

Film + Process + 1.5K One Light Scan, Film + Process + 2.6K One Light Scan, Film + Process + 2.6K Best Light Scan, Film + Process + 2.6K Best Light Scan & Restoration, Film + Process + 4K Best Light Scan, Film + Process + 4K Best Light Scan & Restoration