Kahl UT 18 Double Super 8 (DS8) – Colour Reversal Film


Ships worldwide except to Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg

• Suitable for all DS8 cameras (Canon Zoom DS8, Zenit Quartz, Pathe Webo DS8)
• Universal / daylight colour double super 8 film
• 7.5m / 25ft (50ft once processed)
• ISO 50 / 18°
• Emulsion 4700B
• For enhanced scanning requirements please get in touch
• NOTE: With processing/scanning included in the purchase price our shipping cost includes both shipment of unexposed films plus delivery of the processed reels back to you
• Film price includes processing by Kahl Films which typically takes 3 – 6 weeks. Faster processing is possible, however. Please see the options below

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This is a 50 ASA colour reversal film, with a more traditional colour reversal colour palette, similar to Kodak Ektachrome 100D of Fuji Provia. Here’s a sample scan:

Film purchase options

Film only, Film + Process + 1.5K One Light Scan, Film + Process + 2.6K One Light Scan, Film + Process + 2.6K Best Light Scan, Film + Process + 4K Best Light Scan