Fuji Eterna 500T 16mm Colour Neg (Clip Tested) 95ft

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  • Purchased from new and cold stored ever since.
  • Great for camera tests!
  • Clip tested and run through our processor to ensure the rem-jet (anti-halation backing) removes properly during process.
  • Final processed film may bear artefacts of unremoved rem-jet. Therefore sold with no guarantee of 100% rem-jet removal. However the clip test shows a clear removal.
  • Film speed of 500 ASA.
  • Sensitivity of the film may be slightly lower than the original 500 ASA as it is expired film – would cope well with being over exposed by one stop.
  • Tunsten-balanced colour negative motion picture film.
  • Good under artificial / low light with no filter required.
  • Also good in daylight (with use of an 85B filter) and may require an neutral density filter in sunlight.
  • This film is not designed for projection as it is a negative. Designed for digital transfer (telecine) only.
  • With processing/scanning included in the purchase price our shipping cost includes both shipment of unexposed films plus delivery of the processed reels back to you.
  • Standard processing /scanning turnaround time 10 – 15 working days.
  • Faster processing and scanning available, please see the order information below.

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