Bolex H16 Camera. Super 16, PL Mount, Fully Serviced by Les Bosher

FOR SALE +++ BOLEX SUPER 16MM – SB MOVIE CAMERA AND CASE++++ With 10x Viewfinder and Accessories +++++SERVICED AND TESTED++++This legendary 16mm camera has been fully serviced, and was converted to Super 16 Single Bayonet Mount by the great Les Bosher. It has been tested with b/w film:
It is working and is in good cosmetic condition, with normal signs of wear as it is a vintage item from the 1960s. PLEASE READ THE DESCRIPTION OF THIS LOVELY CAMERA BELOW.

See footage shot with this camera here:

This camera has the following features:

• Constant speed, spring motor mechanism; governor controlled. Winding handle folds up and attaches to camera recess when not in use
• Spring cannot be over-wound. 8:1 external motor shaft
• Has new mount to allow the use of PL mounts and lenses as well as other adaptors (Nikon, Leica etc). Model is sold with a c-mount adaptor for the commonly used C-mount lenses (not included)
• Ground glass focusing which is adjustable to your eyesight – and 10 x magnifying viewfinder so you can clearly see what you are trying to film!
• Variable speeds of 12, 16, 18, 24, 32 and 64 frames per second are possible
• Variable shutter. This can be operated manually to decrease exposure time, or with accessory fader (not included) to accomplish fade-ins / outs, can also be used for increased depth of field, motion effects etc etc
• Footage Counter adds and subtracts accurately in forward or reverse motion and automatically returns to zero when film is reloaded into the camera
• Audible footage indicator clicks for every foot or so of film passing through the gate. This can be disengaged by moving a lever inside the camera body
• Footage counter and totaliser dial add and subtract footage exposed with frame accuracy, The totaliser dial can be reset manually at any time.
• Time lapse / single frame / pixilation / animation are possible by using the side release button or an appropriate accessory cable release and adapter; I-T lever allows for timed (like bulb) or instantaneous single exposures. P.O.A.