16mm Film 4K Scan

• Uncompressed HD 4K scan (a resolution of 4096 x 3000 px).
• Full colour correction for reversal & negative 8mm films.
• Genuine frame-by-frame scanning using a Film Fabriek Mueller HDS+ film scanner.
• Film cleaning, new leaders & splices where required.
• Output format – Apple Pro-Res 422 HQ.
• Please use the preferences below to build your scanning order.
• Note: displayed costs are excuding VAT –  this will be applied at checkout (where applicable).

Send your reels, securely packed & tracked to:
Analogue Image T/A On8mil,  
Unit 4A, 1 Kingfisher Place,  
Clarendon Road,  
London N22 6XF,
United Kingdom.

£60.00 Excl VAT

  • Do you need help with working out how much footage you have?

    16mm film reel size guide

    Please refer to the illustration below as a guide for the size reels and amount of footage you have, then use the selection tools below to enter the quantity of footage you have (in feet) and your scanning preferences. To complete your order click 'Add to basket' and follow the instructions through checkout to make payment

    16mm Reels Size Guide

    *Amount of footage to be scanned (in feet)

    Use the slider below to specify the amount of footage you have (units in feet). Scroll to the bottom of the page to see the total cost (excl VAT). The slider ranges from 100 to 2500 foot. If your footage exceeds this amount you can multiply the footage using the 'Add to basket' button at the bottom of the page

    *What kind of scan grading do you require? Please select an option below

    *Frame Rate

    Scan Type. Please select below

    Do you require a rush turnaround?

    Turnaround times are dependant on our current capacity. If, for any reason we can not scan your film(s) within this time frame, the rush surcharge will be fully refunded.

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Size of Reel

50 foot (15m), 100 foot (30m), 200 foot (60m), 400 foot (120m), 600 foot (180m)

Frames per second (fps)

16fps, 18fps, 24fps, 25fps, Other (not sure)

Overscan or cropped

Cropped, Overscan

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