2.6K HD Scan (16mm)

• HD 2.6K uncompressed overscan (resolution of 2640 x 2048 px)
Full colour correction for reversal & negative 8mm films
• Genuine frame-by-frame scanning using a Film Fabriek Mueller HDS+ film scanner
• Film cleaning, new leaders & splices where required
ONE LIGHT SCAN. Under / over exposures not corrected. One optimal exposure set per 100 foot of film
• 1 output format – Pro-Res HQ mov
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Send your reels, securely packed & tracked to:
Analogue Image T/A On8mil, 
Unit SF7B, 
Wood Green Works, 
40 Cumberland Road, 
London N22 7SG.

From: £31.25

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Size of Reel

50 foot (15m), 100 foot (30m), 200 foot (60m), 400 foot (120m), 600 foot (180m)

Frames per second (fps)

16fps, 18fps, 24fps, 25fps, Other (not sure)

Overscan or cropped

Cropped, Overscan

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