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On8mil – Business During the Coronavirus (Covid-19) Outbreak – update January 2021

A quick message to all of customers – old and new. Hoping you’re all keeping well and healthy and doing your best to keep spirits up in this challenging period. These are unprecedented times and an ever-evolving situation, so we’re doing our level best to plan in-line with the ongoing advice.

On8mil’s lab, scanning facility and online ordering facility are fully operational.  As we enter a new lockdown (as of January 5th 2021), we remain and at our main premises in N22. However we cannot have any customers come up to our main office. If you have no other choice but deliver your films in person, we have installed an On8mil drop box outside of the premises, where you can securely drop of your film materials. Or if you have an archive which will not fit into the drop box you can buzz our intercom outside the main reception of our offices and we will arrange to come and collect from you. But PLEASE do not just come up to our office unit unannounced.

Please send all films for processing and scanning to the main office address:

Unit 10,
1 Kingfisher Place,
Clarendon Road,
London N22 6XF.

Film sales and dispatch will still continue, as we will work directly with our film distributors and have your new films sent directly from them. Collections of new films in person can only be made by prior arrangement and observing social distancing.

In regards face to face contact with customers – for the time being we cannot accommodate lengthy client consultations face to face. Please do not turn up at our office (or houses) unannounced as we will not be available unless a prior arrangement has been made. Even then we need to observe social distancing.

Feel free however, to phone any time during working hours for advice and updates on your deliverables and (good health permitting) we will do our level best to keep film alive and creativity vibrant during this period.

Wishing you all the very best of health, joy and laughter. Let’s work through this together!

The On8mil Team.