Satin Jackets, feat Esser: ‘Shine on You’. Directed by Chris Ullens.


Hi all!

We’re thrilled to have supplied the scanning for this beautifully put together music video for Satin Jackets. We’ve decided the creator Chris Ullens may be a bit of a genius. He’s certainly ‘shone’ in this particular piece of film-making, combining HD super 8 scans with hand animated overlays. It’s pretty beautiful stuff:

Satin Jackets feat. Esser – “Shine on You” from Chris Ullens on Vimeo.

The scan was carried out using our ‘Super‘ service. Each frame scanned at 2k+ 2448 x 2048 as an uncompressed tif. You heard that right, no compression! The tifs were then moved onto our editing suite, placed in timelines, some minor colour correction used where required and rendered out as HQ Pro Res .movs at our scanners native resolution of 2448 x 2048.

The stock used was old Kodachrome, (at the beginning of film) hand processed at N.O.WHERE lab in London, giving it a truly dream-like quality, with plenty of true developer chemical artefacts and textures. The colour footage is Kodak Vision 3 50D. The most magical of all super 8 stocks in our opinion. And the results speak for themselves.

Amazing work!