So you might find yourself asking – do I really need my film cleaned? Of course, each project is different and sometimes the film has been so well stored that it may not have accumulated any dust, hairs, or scratches…

But in the wide majority of old films that have been brought to us, they have required at least some cleaning. Over time, film attracts tiny particles of dust and hairs that really spoil the image, turning it from a beautiful image to ‘hippy’ film – looking like it hasn’t been washed in decades and covered in hair. When we clean the film that comes through our offices, we coat it first in an oil solution which takes off the surface layer of muck and fills in some larger scratches making them appear less significant in the scan. Then we take the footage and wipe it down with pure alcohol to clean and strip off any excess oil. After one last drying pass, we run it through our scanner at 2K+ (2448×2048).

What difference does a bit of WD40 and vodka make, I hear you ask? Well firstly, don’t be facetious – we would never use vodka. Secondly, feast your peepers on this tasty bit of comparison slice and see for yourself the difference our bench cleaning service makes!


The On8Mil Team 2014