We’ve read on a few blog posts recently (and have been suitably horrified) that many people think 8mm film is a dead format and that Kodak no longer make films. All lies!

Kodak make some fantastic super 8 motion-picture film stocks, namely their Vision 3 range of films (as used by the pro’s) and their beautiful Tri-X black and white reversal film. Furthermore, Kodak’s manufacturing of motion picture films is alive and kicking and winning the ‘keep film alive’ battle (in our humble opinion).


A great reseller of these stocks is ‘Super 8 Dealer’ based in Turkey. Run by Murat Noyan, his prices are superb and his service excellent. His shop can be found on Ebay:


Buy some film from Murat, why not…

But where can I get colour reversal films?

A good question. Currently the most popular choice is Agfa 200D, a daylight colour reversal film which is slit and perforated into super 8 and double 8 by a few suppliers. Our favourite (in the EU) is Wittner Cinetec. Their customer service is second-to-none and they also have some lovely, hard-to-find accessories for Beaulieu cameras and for general super 8 filmmaking:


In the US, of course, you have Pro8mm, whose range of film stocks is very good:


An unsung hero is a company in Germany called Kahl Films and TV, who have a unique range of colour and black and white reversal films. They sell primarily to the media and production companies. Again, their customer service is second-to-none:


So, what’s new in 8mm filmmaking?

These people!


An exciting development from the formerly closed down Ferrania film factory in Italy. After a hugely successful Kick Starter campaign, they’ll be back up and running producing high quality still and motion picture films. No release date of the films is forthcoming, as yet – although at the time of reading this may have changed, but pre-orders have been placed. Lets hope it’s not too long.

Other analogue film suppliers and resellers

Above is by no means an exhaustive list of analogue film suppliers. Additional suppliers can be found all over Google (Bing too, we’ve no doubt) – but be wary, some people are asking crazy prices. Here are a few others we like (for motion-picture and still photography):

Of course there are more. Drop us a line if you know of any great film outlets and unsung analogue heroes not included here.


The on8mil team.