2K+ HD 8mm film scanning


Well, it’s been a while since we posted – somewhat busy having our telecine units upgraded. Great news – it’s all done – and we now also have an HD 16mm unit. We’re just widening it’s gate for Ultra and Super 16 and hope to have that online in the next month.

As for our 8mm unit, the new unit is fully operational and delivering beautiful results. We’re now scanning in higher than 2K – we call it 2K+, but it’s actually approaching a 3K scan and has higher pixel count than 3K, but not being in a native 16:9 ratio, we’d struggle to call it 3K. So 2K+ it remains.

Here are the boring details.

We’re scanning our 8mm film in 2448 x 2048 resolution using a state of the art Sony ICX625 CCD sensor. We can scan to numerous formats, such as uncompressed still sequences (very hungry on resources), JPEG, PNG, TIF or just straight as high quality .mov or .avi files, with a wide choice of compression codecs, including Pro-Res, MPEG, H264 or if you prefer, no compression at all! (Are you mad?!)

Our prices are still robustly low.

Just £11.99 per 50 foot of 8mm footage which includes reversal, colour and black and white and the wonderful modern colour negative stocks (such as Kodak Vision 3).

What’s included in that cost?

Colour balancing, poor exposure compensation (where possible) and comprehensive image balancing for colour negative stocks. We’ll deliver as pristine and neutral an image as possible, for you to edit, tweak and grade for your own purposes. Or if you have any specific grading requirements, we’ll be happy to oblige, but there maybe some extra costs involved here. It really depends on what you’re after.

So in short, one price pretty much fits all. £11.99 per 50 foot, with (wait for it…) a 10% discount on all reels if you send us 20+ 50 foot reels (i.e. 1000 foot and over).

Above is a scan from the new 2K+ 8mm telecine unit. Note, no jitter removal, grain removal or stabilisation has been utilised here – this is a straight scan @ 2448 x 2048, uploaded to Vimeo as high quality MP4 video.