Super 8, 16mm and 35mm Movie Film Processing and Scanning

Analogue Image Ltd T/A On8mil are a dedicated team supplying a much-needed resource for analogue motion picture film processing and high resolution scanning based in Wood Green, London, UK.

Our core services are motion picture film processing, HD and UHD scanning, with additional film sales. All products and services are priced very competitively with ordering made easy through our online shop.

As analogue film becomes an increasingly popular alternative aesthetic to digital cinema, On8mil strives to offer the best levels of service and turnaround times for grassroots filmmakers and production companies alike. From the company’s inception in 2014 On8mil has grown from a one-man super 8 scanning operation (in a garden shed no less), to a team of dedicated professional filmmakers and technicians occupying over 2000 square foot of commercial space in Wood Green, London.

In January 2023 On8mil were incredibly proud to announce the opening of their ECN2 and B&W lab which has been over two years in the making. We feel this is a hugely significant moment in the revival of analogue motion picture film in the 21st century. The first new motion picture lab to open in London in nearly 20 years.

Perhaps most surprisingly, our customer base comprises of predominantly young up and coming filmmakers, who have grown up in a time of major advances in digital imaging, cinema and communications. Paradoxically it is perhaps those advances that allow us to enjoy analogue film in greater depth and precision than ever before, with the ability to edit and distribute very high resolution films inexpensively and with relative ease.

Our commitment to analogue film and it’s accompanying technologies knows no bounds. As a company we pride ourselves on being a small part of a much bigger picture: The survival and enduring appeal of analogue motion picture film.

On8mil Film Lab London Image 1

Motion Picture Film Lab, London, UK

Our processing machines run

  1. ECN2 colour negative
  2. Black & White D96 (negative)

And we process the following film formats:

  1. Super 8
  2. Standard 8
  3. 16mm (standard and super 16) with discounted prices for longer form via
  4. 35mm via

In addition we can also organise hand processing of vintage super 8 and standard 8 films such as Kodachrome, vintage Ektachrome and Agfa Chrome.

HD & UHD Scanning of Motion Picture Film

HD & UHD Scanning of Motion Picture Film

On8mil scans in three resolutions

  1. 2K (2048 x 1536 px)
  2. 3K (3072 x 2250 px)
  3. 4K (4096 x 3000 px)

And we scan the following formats

  1. Super 8
  2. Standard 8
  3. 9.5mm
  4. 16mm
  5. Super 16
  6. 35mm (4 perf / 3 perf / 2 perf)

Analogue film is beautiful and unique. Film is a truly evocative way to record our lives and entertainment, and much like the vinyl record, its fragility and temperamental nature is an apt metaphor for our lives. Why do we engage with these analogue formats and why do we try so hard to emulate them in the digital realm, rather than settle for the raw perfection of digital formats?

We believe that by definition, motion picture film presents a true analogue of the memories and emotions that make us human. There is an immediate emotive response to the colours, grain, saturation and clarity captured in film that digital struggles to emulate.

Video Tape Transfers to Full HD

Video Tape Capture to Digital File

Standard definition to full HD. Tape remastering and restoration upon special request

Vintage video tape recordings have a unique aesthetic, being as they are the bedrock of most home movies and lower budget films and music videos made throughout the 80s, 90s and early noughties. There were a wide variety of cameras, formats and standards, including the ubiquitous VHS and VHSC (invented by JVC in the mid 1970s). A VHS VCR (video cassette recorder) was pretty much what most TV watching households had, prior to the advent of DVD.

VHS however was not the most portable or even the highest quality format. From the early 70s through to the early noughties Sony released a bewildering array of formats and standards, many of which were both more portable and higher quality than VHS . These included Betamax, Betacam SP, Digi Beta, U-matic, Video 8, Hi 8 and Digital 8. Add to this a few later generation digital video formats developed from the mid 90s onwards, including DVCAM and Mini DV and we’re dealing with a smorgasbord of formats for both professional and domestic markets.

At On8mil we’ve invested in a completely bespoke video transfer rig, handling all of the major video formats, utilising broadcast quality timebase correction (TBC), video noise reduction, sharpening and outline smoothing to deliver the highest possible quality tape transfer. Standard definition analogue and digital video tapes are captured using broadcast quality equipment with optional upscaling to full HD. Noise reduction and enhancement on poor / degraded recordings are deployed at no extra cost.

Multiple tape formats and standards supported, including:

  1. VHS, S-VHS and VHSC (PAL, SECAM and NTSC)
  2. Betacam SP (PAL only)
  3. Digi Beta (PAL only)
  4. Betamax (PAL only)
  5. Video 8, Hi8 and Digital 8 (PAL and NTSC)> U-matic – high band (PAL only)
  6. U-matic – low band (PAL, SECAM and NTSC)
  7. DVCAM (PAL only)
  8. Mini DV (PAL and NTSC)
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