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    8mm Film Scanning / 8mm Telecine Service. London UK. Tel: +44 (0)845 430 8468

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    Advanced film post production services. Grain removal, stabilising, colour grading.

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Welcome to on8mil.com. A brand new resource for 8mm movie film scanning, aka telecine, based in London UK. We provide a cost effective 8mm film scanning solution in full HD, priced very competitively. All of our movie film scans are uncompressed 2K+ (near 3K) HD @ 2448 x 2048 pixels, using genuine frame by frame scanning and output to the file or format of your choice.

8mm film is beautiful and truly unique. The film ‘look’ is a truly evocative way to record our lives and entertainment, and much like the vinyl record, its fragility and temperamental nature is an apt metaphor for our lives. Why do we engage with these analogue formats and why do we try so hard to emulate them in the digital realm, rather than settle for the raw perfection of digital formats?

We believe that by definition, real 8mm film presents a true analogue of the memories and emotions that make us human. There is an immediate emotive response to the colours, saturation and movements captured in 8mm film that digital somehow struggles to emulate. And it’s trying very hard. Have you ever heard of a film maker insisting on that ‘digital look’?

Over the next few months we’re going to be expanding this site and will happily take on board any feedback you may have. In the meantime, our core services are true HD 8mm film scanning (or telecine), 8mm film digital restoration and 8mm film colour correction (for example when scanning and converting modern 8mm negative film stocks). We scan super 8, regular (standard) 8, reversal, black and white and negative film stocks. Our prices are extremely competitive and our care and attention second to none!

The On8mil team 2015.

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HD 8mm Film Scanning / 8mm Digital Editing

HD 8mm film scanning

True frame by frame film scanning, scanned at higher than 2k resolution. Film scanned using a state-of-the-art Sony CCD sensor @ 2448 x 2048 resolution. High definition scans output to DVD, Blu Ray, Quicktime or an image sequence. 2K+ 8mm and 16mm film telecine.


Colour correction

Analysis of 8mm film scan output. Full colour correction and colorising service Inversion and colour correction of modern 8mm negative film stocks. Optimisation of all 8mm reversal films stocks. Restoring aged (vintage) 8mm films, Kodachrome, Ektachrome and black & white.


8mm film restoration

8mm Bench cleaning service. Ultrasonic film cleaning service (upon special request). Film jitter removal. Digital removal of dust and scratches. 8mm film re-splicing and re-spooling. Grain removal on high speed 8mm film stocks. Digital sharpening. Over and under exposure compensation.

8mm HD Telecine Sample Footage

8mm HD Telecine Sample Footage

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  • Kodak Vision 3
  • Elmo 1012s
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  • 2K+ HD telecine service

Morton Valence Super 8 Music Promo

Sample Super 8 film HD Scan

HD 8mm telecine with stabilisation & grain removal

8mm HD Telecine: Grain Removal & Stabilisation Comparison

2K+ Super 8mm HD Telecine

super 8 telecine / Kodak Vision 3 / Elmo 1012s / on8mil / 8mm HD telecine service / 2K+ HD telecine service

Satin Jackets feat. Esser.

“Photography is an art of observation. It has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them.”

― Elliot Erwitt



  • Scan to 1920 x 1080.
  • 1 output format: 1080p H.264 mov or avi.
  • Other delivery formats available for an additional £4 per 50 foot.
£11.99 per 50ft


  • Scan to 2448 x 2048 (uncompressed TIFF sequence).
  • Full prep for telecine including new leaders and re-splicing.
  • On8mil full bench cleaning & digital restoration with optional grain removal.
  • 2 output formats: Pro-Res & and uncompressed image sequence.
£39.99 per 50ft


  • Scan to 2448 x 2048 (uncompressed TIFF sequence).
  • Full bench cleaning service.
  • 1 output format: Pro-Res or image sequence output.
£16.99 per 50ft



Film clean & re-splice
£7.50 per 50ft

Film cleaned & lubricated. New leaders added plus full re-splicing.

DVD Authoring
£5 per disc

Playable on most devices. Menu & sleeve design upon request @ additional cost.

Bluray Authoring
£15 per disc

Playable on Bluray disc compatible players. Menu & sleeve design upon request @ additional cost.


0845 430 8468


Room 34,
Spectrum House,
32 – 34 Gordon House Road,
Gospel Oak, London,
NW5 1LP.

Visits by appointment only.



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